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Sri Lanka hits back at the US sponsored resolution Sri Lanka today hit back at the report...
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Illegal Pyramid schemes on the rise: Central Bank

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By Prasanna C. Rodrigo:

Central Bank says there is an increasing trend in the promotion of illegal pyramid schemes in the country.

The Bank has already filed 13 court cases against persons who was promoting illegal pyramid schemes going against the Banking Act.

The 13 cases are filed against persons from across the country who was mustering clients to these schemes which is a non sustainable model thus leading into many participants losing their money.

The Banking Supervision unit of the Central Bank said apart from these 13 cases investigations are being conducted to find out more offenders.

An officer who did not wanted to be quoted said “We hope the number of court cases will go up further”

He added “Right now there is an increasing trend in this kind of unauthorized schemes”

A pyramid scheme is a non-sustainable business model that involves promising participants payment primarily for enrolling other people into the scheme, rather than from any real investment or sale of products or services to the public.

Pyramid schemes are a form of fraud

The Bank says the Police and the CID have been informed of this scheme and they are now in the lookout for people who promote the concept.

The Central Bank on Sunday warned the public via national news papers, not to get involved in participating in prohibited schemes with pyramid structures

It said if caught, the participants will be imprisoned for 3 years or will be meted out a fine not exceeding Rs. 1 million or both an imprisonment and a fine will be imposed.


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33 Responses for “Illegal Pyramid schemes on the rise: Central Bank”

  1. no name says:

    global life style lanka is a pyramid business company but they are don’t say any thin about that… they are saying “we can say and we are selling about electrical items ”

    find and get some action about this company…

  2. Pyramid Hunter says:

    Global Lifestyle Lanka is a company well known GoldQuest International 2002 they hunted more than 40000 innocent Sri Lankan for build their pyramid structure.from 2003 CB has noticed about this scam.
    some says “we do not know goldquest’ but they definitely know QuestNet Ltd. (Now QNet Ltd) or Qi Ltd.all are same suckers.
    they convert their name in Sri Lanka to
    RYTHM House – duplication road – 3.
    Lotus Marketing – Union Place, Col 2.
    after 2 years
    they put another mask and came back to hunt…
    Global Life Style Lanka Ltd.
    they are misusing a name of a persons who relation to Mr President’s family.
    however Central Bank and Media should be taken immediate action for this scam.

  3. Supun says:

    I dare say that Global lifestyle lanka is not a pyranid business. There is a big difference between Network marketing & pyramid system.Network marketing is a business plan just like a direct marketing.But,It play a commendable roll rather than direct marketing.In the streams of changing of human’s life style..That’s why,i call GLOBAL LIFESTYLE LANKA..

    There are a lot of benefits

  4. mr.pyramid says:

    TIENS also doing the same thing

  5. No name says:

    My perspective is, GLOABAL LIFESTYLE LANKA is a same thing already we call GOLDQUEST. all f them are doing same thing. They r not promoting their products. what they need is jst to build up their networks. Finally, its a pyramid. ppl in this network trying to add more ppl to this. not actually trying to resell a product. Isn’t this a PYRAMID ?

  6. No Name says:

    I think this is also a pyramid system. They try to develop their network not to develop their products. The people who presenting their plan are very talkative and they try to make a good impression and change the mind to this plan with positive attitude. They also telling that they are easy to work with people who don’t any thing about the network marketing system. They also present that the news paper article published in Parliament. (front page, full page paper article). They are presenting the copies of registration under the company act and consumer act, paton license also . Please , look in to this terrible networking system and please take necessary action against this people to save the poor and innocent people in our mother land. Government has major responsibility to make their attention this illegal situation in our country.

  7. sudath says:

    bhanda ho sewawan nomethwa badawa ganna samajikayange pramanaya anuwa prathilaba gewana ewa pyramid bawai api danne

  8. Pyramid Hunter says:

    Global Lifestyle Lanka is a company well known GoldQuest International 2002 they hunted more than 40000 innocent Sri Lankan for build their pyramid structure.from 2003 CB has noticed about this scam.
    some says “we do not know goldquest’ but they definitely know QuestNet Ltd. (Now QNet Ltd) or Qi Ltd.all are same suckers.
    they convert their name in Sri Lanka to
    RYTHM House – duplication road – 3.
    Lotus Marketing – Union Place, Col 2.
    after 2 years
    they put another mask and came back to hunt…
    Global Life Style Lanka Ltd.
    they are misusing a name of a persons who relation to Mr President’s family.
    however Central Bank and Media should be taken immediate action for this scam.

  9. Pyramid Hunter says:

    Sudath,oya kathawa godaak parana ekak.
    den pyramid kiyanne lassanata bhanda ha seva pennala pyramid gahana ewai.
    GLL eke thiyanne lanakwe products kiwwata godak promote karanne Import karana ewai.government eka rawattanna eka eka dewal gothanawa.eke inna godak aya karanne ara parana Quest Net eke minissu sign up karana ekai.meka prasiddha rahasak.kohomath parana purudda nawathwanna behene.

    balanna hariyatama, sihibuddhiyen GLL eke bhanada eththatama minissunta athyawasyama ewada kiyala.

    ehema unaanam e product samanyen onema kenukuta ganna puluwan.
    eth ethana wenne bisnes ekata enna one nisa thamanta one unath,nethi unath e product eka aran system ekata ena ekai.

    e wenuwen loku mudalak Invest karanna wenawa.

    eyata e vidihatama minissu tikak aragennna puluwan unoth eya berenawa, beri unoth..???????

    thamange salli walata mokada wenne????
    godaak ayata wenne me deyai…

    e nisa thamai,
    Centrel Bank eka me gena iwarayak nethiwa denuwath karanne..

  10. unknown says:

    there was a company called QI. I have gone for their some programmes which was founded by malasian person> i dont knw QI is the same company that u mesion above. network marketing is a bull shit. there iis a nothig calld network marketing in real world. the name called pyramid money transaction is replaced by network marketing.

  11. Pyramid Hunter says:

    Yes, QI is same what i mentioned.
    Qi Ltd is the mother company for all of this.
    GoldQuest (or QATANA) was operated under the Qi.

    there is a huge industry in the world called Network Marketing or Multy – Level Marketing.MLM.this all themas coming under direct selling.
    those companies should be practiced under direct selling regulations.
    there are so many companies around the world but it is rare to find a genuien direct selling company.i can recommend two companies according to my knowledge those are JAFRA cosmetics and AVON.

  12. Scams says:

    Pyramid business anduraganna harima apahasui,
    eth me karunu gena hondata awadaanaya yomu karanna.
    meweni lakshana ekak ho thibenawaanam,e business eka karanawaa thiya, elangawath inna epa..

    ! – Product wenuwata business ekak genama kathakaranawaanam. (Products thibenne namata pamanai)

    2 – e business ekata salli danna wenawaanam.eya saamanya kenekuta daraganna beri tharam mudalak nam.

    3 – Penwana/kathakarana Product eka eththenma obata avashya nethnam/thamange wena kenekuta avashya wenneth nethnam.

    4 – e Products alevi karanna hekiyaawak nethnam (business eka nokiya)

    5 – Product sale kireema wenuwata, thawath minissu handunwa deemata yojana karana.

    6 – sambanda vee purchase karana (One time purchasing) pramaanaya wediveema mathanam aadaayama lebenne..

    7 – oba yodana mudala (Product miladi ganna) soyanna thibena ekama kramaya, thawath aya bandawaa geneemanam.

    8 – obata theeranayak geneemata kaalaya laba nodenam.

    9 – obata me idiripath kala aya/pudgalaya oba prasnayak eseemedi kalabala veema/kenthi geneema.

    10 – me koi wethath mema business eka pilibanda oba dena gath pasu, hithata sulu ho biyak/sekayak ethiwenam

    honadama de thibena salli tikath aaraksha karagena, denata karagena yana weda karagena, oba amaaruwe noweti, thawath ayath amaaruwe nodama inna ekai.


    DEAR ALL……….


    PLAN OK.

    BUT…………………….WHAT ABOUT PEOPLE………..?









  14. Pyramid Hunter says:

    I really appriciat your kinfull comment..
    but actually what do you know about real Network Marketing?

    how you are going to describe that?

    what are the facts?

    what are the legitimate companies?

    what do you know about goldquest, questnet, qi or global lifestyle?
    the base what you are giving to show that global lifestyle is not a pyramid business is a poor and kinda things..
    i know those things you may be got from you upliners.
    they simply doing that things,
    not only that but also thing you may not know,
    they have (or just telling) agreement with,
    * world young men Buddhist you know?
    *Vatican (Principat d’ Andorra Servei d’ emissions)
    *Islam associations in Iran.
    *FOA – un
    *International badminton foundation.(Qi IBF)
    *Sri Lanka rugby federation.
    *united telecom – uk
    *star wares film
    *Olympic federation
    and many more 9if you need i can give those things in future)
    this any agreement does not mention what is there business method/marketing plan.
    this all things “just to show”
    problem is not this,it is how the company (Mr vijay eswaran or Vijayarathnam vijayeswaran) going build their fund by collect innocent people’s money.
    how they are practicing.(remember all doing by people,it may be a independent representative or company)
    i am not taking about pyramid but unethical marketing.
    that’s all.
    beware what your upliner/company saying.Think clearly.find out little more.
    they are hiding a lot of things more than telling.
    ok..i wish you what you are doing..keep going…!!
    and finally, NWM or MLM is not pyramid,it is a profitable and intractive marketing system.

  15. pyramid hunter says says:

    yaluwa, mata danaganna ona global life style kiyanneth piramide yojana kramayakda kiyana eka?questnet,goldquest ekei mekei thiyena sambandathawaya mokakda?gll eke kattiya kiyanawa gll eka pyramid kramayak nemei ekata nithimaya washayen kisima balapamak ella karanna ba kiyala….anika gll eka central bank eka wisin danuwath karapu(pyramid wani yojana krama) wala karunu 13n karunu 4 kin wenas wenawa.mata hariyatama danganna awashshiyai meka mokakda kiyana eka.mokada mage yaluwek mekata badila innawa.thawa aya badawa ganna kalin meke aththa wistare mata danaganna ona……meke aththama kathawa mokakda??? …plz comment me…..

  16. Pyramid Hunter says:

    Sthutiy,e wagema ithaa agaya karanawa oba me pilibandawa awankawama soya beleema pilibandawa,
    oba withara karana CB eke karunu 13 n 4k gena kiyawenawa,e gena mata pehidili nehe.e kohoma wethath oba e karunu 13 newathat,itha seeruwen,pehediliwama kiyawanna.evita obata me pilibandawa hondin wetahevi.

    Man obata sarala pehedili kirimak karannam,
    oba GLL ekata bendenne eththenma bhanda ho sewa alevi karannada?
    oba ese bendunoth e bhanda me saamanya welanda pole wikunanna puluwanda?
    obe bendunahama aniwaryen bhandayak miladee genimak kala uthumada?
    (pita kenekuta wikunanna berinam)
    e sandaha oba karanne mudal aayojanayak neda?
    aayojanayen,pasu obata karanna thiyenne,thawa kihipa denek bandawa genimada?(thawath ayata business ekata aayojanaya karanna kiyana eka)

    me sambandawa obe denumath, thorathuruth lebunata pasuwa man GLL pyramid wenne kohomada kiyannam.

    hebei mithraya,man oya GLL eke ithihaasaya indan honadata danna kenek,

    e nisa niyama, awankawama obe pilithuru denna.


  17. thilina says:

    mama awe globle style lanka eke web site eka hoyanna.ekata hethuwa tamai sept 27 wenida hawasa mata munagahunu thama english guruwarayek kiyaganna pudgalayek pawasu karunu kihipayak.mama siddiya melesa dakwannam…

    Mahamagadi hamuwu ek pudgalayek itha sith adaganna akarayata me wiyaparaya gana katha kala meka team work ekak bawat wiswasawanta ayurin engrisi bashawen sanwadaye yedi pawasuwe ohu ha ekwee masakata 65000k pamana upayaganna lesatai…me toraturu samata wadagat wei,isthuti pyramid hunter..

  18. Pyramid Hunter says:

    Thilina, oba weni theeranayak geneemata pera buddhimath hithana, hoya balana aya pilibandawa api ithaa age kota salakanawa..
    masakata 65000k newei, eeta wediyen ganna, gaththu ayath innawa.hebei hemotama e widihata salli hoyanna behe.godaak denekuta nikamma ahaka balaagena inna thamai wenne.
    me wede koi wele nawathwanna weida kiyala kaatawath kiyanna behe.
    me dinawala Sri Langka maha benkuwa me gena one tharam denuwath karanawa.hebei,GLL eke ayagen me gena api ahanakota kiyanne, e egollanata kiyana deyak nemei kiyalai.api maha benkuwen me gena ahaddi, hari wisthara tika gaththa.
    own pewasuwa, me metha kaalaye ewan viyaapaarak thanam kalaba.eya namin tians.cheena samaagamak.ein 20000 kata wedi pirisak lankaawe asarana thathwayakata pathvi etha..
    heta me thathwaya athwanne kaa hatada?
    me vitharak nemei…..
    den lankaawe aluthma maha parimaanaye wanchaawak kerenawa..
    e TVI namin, mul samaagama india we..
    me pilibandawa siyaluma baladhaarin ithaa superikshaawen me wanavitath sitinawa..

  19. Thenu says:

    Global Lifestyle Lanka is a dangerous pyramid scheme.DO NOT fall into that venomous scheme.Global Lifestyle Lanka has come to suck not only your money but also this country.people who are involved with Global Lifestyle Lanka very talkative.they are giving impossible promises.Global Lifestyle Lanka will be sue by central bank very soon.

  20. tiger says:

    the latest scam in sri lanka—–
    FKC – FKCN – FKC intentional.
    FKC is another chines pyramid like tiens.
    dont let FKC or Global lifestyle to suck your hardly earn money.

  21. K.C says:

    I am quite confident the following is a pyramid scheam. and interestingly Muralidaran is promoting the same. I hope he dont know much about the product. if he knows about it, then its a real disaster….

  22. K.C says:

    The most critical element of any of these network marketing campeigns is about the product that they sell..

    — If you cannot buy the same product outside in the retail market
    — Unknow brands (they might call them exclusive brands)
    — You have to pay a large premium for the Itme (example: A watch that cost 500 USD (you can buy for 500 rupees in the roadside shop, A set of imitation jwelery that cost 100 USD (they might call it even crystal) nd you can buy for 150 rupees in MC

  23. UPUL L.M.P. says:


  24. Leonard says:

    I would like to know about FKC International, their office in Navam Mawatha and they said it’s BOI Approval Health Supplement in Sri Lanka their mother company in USA. This is also MLM marketing company. If Central Bank says promotion of illegal pyramid then How FKC International is registered as BOI Approval. How they got approval from the government. Please explain me

  25. tiger says:

    Leonard you had better asked this directly by Central Bank.

  26. Don says:

    … A pyramid scheme is a non-sustainable business model that involves promising participants payment primarily for enrolling other people into the scheme, rather than from any real investment or sale of products or services to the public.

    You can find out what is mlm/ network marketing & e-commerce from simply typing on goole or youtube … What I realized from above some articles ,1) most ppl don”t know the industry , 2) ppl try to criticize companies B”cos of jealous ..
    Not only mlm companies but other companies like ” Apple computers , Benz … was criticized ”
    In above articles almost all companies are revealed by name of the company… but Oriflame , DXN , Best Life … names are not there …..
    I feel doubt , those most articles are done by competitors (net workers) who criticize other companies .
    Lucky we have Internet :)

  27. Confused boy says:

    I’m confused I went to this place through a advert found in one of the local streams and was told you can achieve your 10 year targets within just 2 years or so they drew so many complicated systems which they call presentations on romeo papers to show how fast you could really make money and even showed many legal documents such as the Companies Registration copy then a advertisement Advertised in the parliament papers or what ever called and wanted me to buy one out of there 5 or six products for my self and just sell another 2 to whom i know and they could do the same and I will be paid instant commission and weekly payments I was amazed and want to buy please advise me if this is Genuine the so called company Global Life Style Lanka and process and if it s safe to buy and invest your earnings on a product that is really not necessarily needed and introduce it to others

  28. Yudhistir says:

    Confused Boy,

    I think the people who gave the presentation have really confused you. for starters. this is not a get rich quick scheme. this biz requires extremely hard work.
    1. it is not as simple that you sell the product to another 2. actually what you do is once you become the customer to the company you refer the product to 2 of your friends who will go to the company portal and pay the money by credit card and buy the product. they will use your IR ID No to buy the product, so the commission will be credited to your account.
    this is a binary plan. so once you have referred the product to 2 of your friends (say A & B) they have to refer the same to their friends and they have to buy it. so it will be like this –> you refer your 2 friends (A & B) and they refer their 2 each (A will tell C & D and B will tell E & F). so if 1 friend is on your left side and other on your right side you now have 3 on your left ( one friend A and his 2 friends C & D) and 3 on your right ( another friend B and his 2 friends E & F) now you get paid by cheque to your account. this is a weekly payment done.

    The company is genuine, but you need to work very very hard and be passionate about this biz. you can get only 2 direct referrals under you ( as this is a binary plan and it allows only 2 referrals under you i.e. left and right of you), but you have to help your friends in learning the biz and help them succeed in doing thiz biz. you can also help your friends by talking to more people and when they join the biz you can put them under your friends, so you will be helping them too and obviously you are helping yourself as you too will get the commission for the same.

    The model is simple, but more than 90% leave the biz in the first year as this industry has a lot of bad name and doubts in the minds of people that most of the people will reject your offer to join them and you get depressed and dejected over a period of time as rejections will increase and you will become another complainant of the biz. but if you are passionate, learn the biz properly, honest in your approach and willing to help your friends and build a team on integrity and trust and teamwork then you can succeed but it will take time.

    this is like putting a seed in soil. you have to water it daily, take care of it and nurture it. when it is small it faces lot of problems you have to protect and handle it with care, then it will grow and it will give fruit after 3-4 years when it becomes a tree. then it will give you hundreds of fruits for your lifetime. but you need patience, care, commitment, focus, lot of learning and hard hard work to succeed in this biz.

    if you want to know more in-depth about this industry, the pros and cons, the myths and truths, the success stories and failures do let me know. I can be reached at I shall only be glad to share my knowledge about this biz to the extent I know.

    finally decision is yours boy. Think over it. talk to people who are successful in this biz as they will guide you through the path of success, if you talk to people who have failed or angry with this biz you will get negative feedback which anyway wont help you. so speaking to the right people is very essential to know more. it is like if you are sick you speak to a doctor as he is an expert on that and not a lawyer or a architect who does not know any thing about medicine. so speak with a person who has done this biz for some time and take his advise and then you decide for yourself and well. take a call :) I wish you all the best and good luck. God Bless

  29. Muna says:

    me PYRAMID jalaya avulen avul karal thiyenn thawath ai lankawe maha bankuwa ovata ida dhenne,, OLMOTTA MINISSU inna ratak oya dheval SIMPLE

  30. Bala says:

    Central Bank like a Motor Traffic because they issue license and watch the driver until break the rules to punish same way central bank is monitoring this kind of illegal business to catch the fraud. it may be single person involving unauthorized scheme and giving fake promotion.

  31. W.A.M.Mendis says:

    Budu Saranai !!!
    Dear beloved friends,
    Let me reveal the truth………(I took almost 6 hrs of my valuable time to write this article & hope you’ll take few minutes of your valuable time to understand the same,…… thank you!).
    ……well, let me reveal the truth regarding MLM, Direct selling, Indirect selling, Advertising type of companies, WOM (Word Of Mouth), SNM (Social Network Marketing), NWM (Net-Work Marketing), e-commerce, non e-commerce or whatever the business system you may call it & the word ”Pyramid”. Sometimes it may be dangerous to say the truth but I do not hesitate to give my opinion here for the benefit of all my fellow Sri Lankans. Please also note that I am not trying to promote or letdown any company, institution or the government, that I may mention here.
    First of all we have to understand the word ”pyramid”. This surely doesn’t mean the shape of a business anymore as we all know, as almost all the businesses in the world will carry this shape when there it’s a customer base. From a little shop to Parliament, customers or people will build-up in this shape & of-course when there is no customers or supporters (people), part or whole of that little shop or one party of the parliament may collapse. So the customers are important in any kind of a business. (Earlier Mr. L.M.P. Upul had mentioned that you’ll find Pyramids in Egypt & it’s very true too). Well then, what’s the meaning of this word ”pyramid” when it come to Multi-Level Marketing? Actually it is used to identify illegal, bad or prohibited (etc.,), companies. Then why only the MLM companies are called ”pyramid”? What about other type of businesses who practices in bad or illegal manner? How would you call them? Do you know more than 95% of companies in Sri Lanka (small scale to large scale businesses) are pyramid? (You know, we had to close a major section of our Engineering company because we were trying to run it ”non pyramid” or 100% pure!) Do you know that most of the items in our household, specially which are imported, are illegal? as they are undervalued? & do you know how much foreign exchange that we had spent to get down them to Sri Lanka? Well, this is another agenda but we should know that Forex should circulate just like ”rotating the strike” of the batsmen to build-up a good innings in a cricket match. (as Forex is important to each & every country). This does not mean that we should handle Forex unwisely.
    Ok, I hope the meaning of the word ”pyramid” is now clear, although we were trying to use it for only some type of businesses! But the fact is any business who practices in a bad manner is a pyramid, whether it’s MLM or not. I saw a blog which says that even the Central bank is a pyramid regarding an EPF issue. Fortunately or unfortunately, anybody can say anything in Sri Lanka! Also just because some people say that all the MLM companies are pyramid they are not pyramid. Whatever the business we do, Lord Budda had shown us the way & mentioned not to do following 4 businesses for living (Samma Arjeewa):
    1. Avi-aryudha welandama
    2. Wasa-visa welandama
    3. Mas-pinisa satun welandama
    4. Wahal welandama
    Then why some people attack these MLM type of businesses? It’s not only because most of them are not having a clear idea about it but I must say it’s because of pure jealous of our own Sri Lankans. (With all the beautiful highways, sports complexes, useful industries/projects, cultural centers are coming-up in our own country some people are jealous of these things too. And the opposition says all these projects are pyramid!). In the same way, the funniest thing is that those who are jealous in MLM industry are those who do some kind of MLM business! Because of jealousy they attack saying pyramid to, this MLM & that MLM but end-up being attacked later. In fact this is what happened to Tiens on top of practicing / using the marketing plan & the much useful Tiens equipment in the wrong manner. Well, apart from those MLM companies which are ruled out as pyramid, most of the MLM companies have their own great plans. But I may not be honest enough if I don’t say this. IE: only 1% or 2% of the Multilevel Marketers will be highly successful in this MLM business (not necessarily should they have to be in the top of a group), about 3% – 10% will be somewhat successful & more than 60% will be unsuccessful specially those who do not work hard (of-course this is true for many type of businesses) & may not get an income of more than Rs.50,000 for the whole of 1st 5 years! This is not a warning but those who want to do MLM should know this & should never leave the job if already employed. But I must say that Network marketing is something that anybody can enjoy whether you get an income or not as you can learn a lot of things which money cannot buy!
    Lord Budda had his own plans & although it’s free, he spread Sri Saddhamma in MLM manner, building his own huge network. If you calculate the total number of Buddhists in his network from that time up to now, there may be few times the world population at that time but the network is still going / growing strong. This proves that MLM system is good, powerful & will never run out of people. (That’s why I too started doing MLM as part time, 5 yrs ago).
    Well, just because of one MLM company is found to be pyramid it doesn’t mean all the companies are the same. De’wadatta had his own network (pyramid – because he was practicing Dhamma wrongly) & ran away with 500 Buddhist monks and later he builded-up his own pyramid type network. This doesn’t mean that MLM is bad. Most recently one Pharmacy was sealed, most correctly by the government as they were selling medicine at very high prices but it doesn’t mean that all the private pharmacies are pyramid & should be sealed. Even the companies ruled-out as pyramid can always come back later, eliminating their mistakes.
    King Ashoka became Chandashoka & later became Dharmashoka!
    Ahinsaka became Angulimala but later after hearing Sri Saddharma & eradicating ”Keles” became maha Sanga!
    Then why people blame GLL (Global Lifestyle Lanka)? True, it may be coming from GoldQuest or QI or whatever but they must have identified their own mistakes & now they do their business beautifully, as far as I know. So why not? Same way as much as I remember DXN & Oriflame had their own problems with the Central Bank sometimes back but now they are good examples to other MLM companies in Sri Lanka. Best life too is a great MLM company but a lot of people used to blame this company as well, sometimes back! You know, a lot of people enjoy working with these MLM companies part time (few people full time) & make an extra buck or two. Ithin network nokarana samaharunta thiyana amaruwa mokakda? Awadanamada? Nithya woo ehemath nathnam awadanam rahitha woo, sadakalika woo businesseka mokakda? Aie may apema minissu anawashya lesa avadanam kiya-kiya apema minussungwa avinischitha thathwayakata edaladanna yanne? Kudu gahana ahinsaka tharunayanwa beraganna upakrama yodawanne nathiwa, soodu kelina ayawa, kasippu perana ayawa yahamagata ganna upakkrama soyabalanne nethiwa, mahaa parimanaye casino karayinta engillakwath dikkaranne nethiwa aie api me MLM industry eka vinasa karanna yanne? MLM kiyanne panchaseelaya bindena wedak nowanakota, panchaseelaya kadana keedenek ada me MLM business ekata engilla dikkaranawaada? Thamathaman thamathamange adupaadu balagaththaanam hondai ne’da?
    (Mamma, aurudu namayak thisse indan Daham pasal guruwarayek lesa ratata sewayak karanna bandune menisai).
    Unfortunately those who think otherwise try to destroy this wonderful MLM industry. I really feel sorry for Tiens too.
    Now some people blame this latest MLM company which is called Localadclick! There may be no 100% perfect MLM companies in the world! Even 99% of other conventional business are too, not 100% perfect. There are few loopholes in most of the businesses around the globe. But I never heard of a service based MLM company who pays each & everyone of their users (customers). This is non other-than Localadclick company. Usually in other network companies, you have to sell a product or a service to another person to get an income but with this company it’s only an option. But of-course they have to improve in other areas to become competitive in the MLM industry.
    I saw some people have called FKC I Asia (FKCN) too, a scam & a pyramid. Naturally, as long as you don’t understand the MLM concept, you will blame all the MLM companies. But let me tell you that FKC is one of the best, young & upcoming MLM companies in the world. Their products are wonderful & will keep you healthier through out the year!
    Well, the youngest of all, in MLM industry in Sri Lanka is ”Ceylon Herbal-life” said to have their own Sri Lankan products (beauty-care & healthcare) & hope people will not blame this company too in the future but bless!
    Conclusion: MLM business, like any other business cannot be named / labeled neither as pyramid nor legitimate but all depends on how the company & it’s members work towards their goals/dreams. Let all of us have positive dreams instead of cut-throat dreams. All of us are very important in this planet Earth, so let’s work together & develop all the industries in Sri Lanka.
    Jaya wewa! Theruwan Saranai ! God bless!

  32. No name says:

    Multilevel marketing is another powerful way of selling products. Whether it’s pyramid or not, it depends on how someone follow the system.

  33. Thushara says:

    Lankan Ad Click kiyala aluth ekak thiyanawa.. eka gana hoyaka balala adala kriyamarga ganna..
    meka thamay unge web address eka..

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