Sri Lanka hits back at the US sponsored resolution

Sri Lanka hits back at the US sponsored resolution Sri Lanka today hit back at the report...
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Hindu Religious procession crossing Temple Trees shows how safe Sri Lanka is

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Nearly after 16 years of absence, Sri Lanka’s head of state received the historic Adi Vel 2010 procession at the door step of his official residence, the Temple Trees in Colombo.

The significance of this incident is, the event is one of the prominent items in the Hindu religious calendar in Sri Lanka and Hindu is the religion which is followed by the majority of the Tamils in the country.

The 160 year old Adi Vel is a historic Hindu religious procession which travels through Colombo streets passing Temple trees the official residence of the current head of state.

However during the past 16 years owing to security reasons the procession was not allowed to take it normal route and had to find alternative routes.

Now with the completion of the war and the demolition of the LTTE by the armed forces Sri Lanka’s security concerns are slowly but surely diminishing.

It is in this backdrop, President Rajapaksa and his wife today received the historic Adi Vel Hindu religious procession in front of their official residence giving its due place.

The concerns Sri Lanka had on its security front is fast diminishing.

Check points that were in every corner of the Colombo city has been removed except for few points kept for strategic reasons.

Roads are rarely closed when VIP’s or VVIP’s travel along Colombo streets and security contingents for some of them have been scaled down as the threat has diminished.

Some of the high security zones are now open for public usage and the roads that were closed for public transport is now being opened for the public.

International response

Several countries including USA who imposed travel warnings against Sri Lanka have removed those warnings or lowered them to advisory levels.

The London based insurance underwriter Lloyds has removed Sri Lanka from its cargo war risk list with effect from July thus giving further proof of Sri Lanka’s stability in terms of its security front.

Story by: Prasanna C. Rodrigo / reach him on:

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